EcoFlats RVA:

Premier Recovery Residence Living


EcoFlatsRVA, is Recovery Residence Provider located in Richmond, VA Apartment living in a structured environment for people recovering from substance-use disorder. Random drug-testing, on-site staff, and dorm style living. This property is managed by True Recovery LLC. ​

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Peer Based Recovery

Everyone in the EcoFlats RVA community are in recovery from substance use disorder, including our staff.  This provides an atmosphere for authentic peer-to-peer recovery to thrive. Senior residents with long-term sobriety provide newcomers with a living example of positive change, and a message of hope for the future.

Apartment Style Sober Living

Looking for something different? EcoFlats RVA offers a unique sober-living experience in the heart of downtown Richmond, VA. With seventy-three beds across nineteen individual apartments, we are a large but close-knit community and our goal is to help you help yourself!

VARR Certified

As Virginia’s only NARR (National Association of Recovery Residences) accredited body, VARR builds the highest level of quality recovery residences, so all Virginians seeking safe recovery residences can have timely access to effective services.

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