Therapy Session

Our Programs

Our clients are required to choose a recovery pathway of that they will commit to such as 12-Step Recovery, SMART Recovery, or Faith-Based Recovery amongst many others. They will be tracked on their progress and will be given random urine drug screens as well. Residents will also be required to be looking for or have full-time employment.

Recovery Residence Living

EcoFlatsRVA has two different living spaces available.  2br and 3br apartments with kitchen, appliances, and washer and dryer. All units are fully furnished and Wifi is provided and included in cost of bed fee.

Medically Assisted Treatment Friendly

Though we do not provide medically assisted treatment services, we do support those on this pathway to recovery by providing an environment conducive to sustain growth and promote wellness.  

Costs Associated


There is a $200, non-refundable administrative entry fee to become a resident of EcoFlatsRVA. The bed fee is an additional $140 dollars a week. This covers room and board, wifi, and amenities.

Total move in cost is $340